So here we are with one of my past 2011 couples. It’s not too often that a bride decides to bring out that white dress one more time and have more fun with it! And when that happens, we photographers just jump for joy! hehehe I was super excited when Nina got in touch with me about it a few months ago….I was just pumped for my very first “Trash the dress” shoot! This type of photo shoot is not for everybody but if you think about it, it makes total sense….I mean brides spend a lot of money on a dress just to wear it for one day, then gets stored in some box inside the house and almost never sees the light of day again. It’s lonely and it needs love!

Nina and Jeff once again brought their creative selves and gave me a great opportunity to help show some love to that dress….and hopefully, we did! And what better way to have this at a super dingy, dirty and grungy old underground parking lot! Thanks for hanging out with me…I had so much fun with this shoot! Nina, I’m sure that dress of yours is screaming a big “thank you” for getting it out of that dark lonely box. LOL =)

Thanks a bunch again for the great opportunity and much love to you both!

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