There are definitely a lot of cool DIY (do-it-yourself) wedding projects out there. But what if you don’t have a makeup artist? …that could easily be a DIY project in itself!

I’m not a makeup expert by a long shot, but thanks to my lovely wife, I have a rough idea on how DIY makeup works.  :)  Moreover, I do know how things turn out on camera…so here goes a quick makeup tip that hopefully can help all you DIY brides out there.

If you’re doing your own makeup: Practice and take pictures before the big day. Start with less, because it’s easier to add more if you need it than having to remove excess makeup, which can get messy.

The camera WILL blow you out in photos. So put on a little more makeup than you would apply! Normally, more than you think you need, since the camera and lights will tone down your makeup.

Happy Monday everyone! :)




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