My engagement season continues… up…..vintage delish! Where to begin?! I just love the effort that this couple put into this shoot! We began our shoot with some casual outfits strolling down the old town of Unionville. Then, Caramie and Cory wanted to take themselves back in time into the 50’s and had a mission to make it happen. A simple change of outfits and a change in scenery….voila!! We’re back in time! I just loved all the props brought to the set, those rockin’ vintage outfits, and of course their very selves, who were simply a joy to shoot! I think this cool couple were models in another life, don’t you think?!? 🙂

Knowing how much detail there was to make this shoot happen, I truly can’t wait for their wedding!! Surely, “attention to detail” will be the name of the game!

To Caramie and Cory….thanks for hangin’ out with me this afternoon! And thanks for taking me back in time with that retro look! I just had a blast shooting you both! Congratulations again on your engagement!!

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