The unforgettable party — having the right music for your wedding day!

On a guest’s point of view, there are probably 2 main things that can make a wedding day memorable and unforgettable — how good the food was…and how good THE MUSIC was at that wedding! Having good music is one thing, but having GREAT music for your guests to enjoy just becomes the “life of the party”! DJ beats don’t tickle your fancy? Or are you simply looking to have something different? There are some AMAZING live wedding bands out there that surely hype up the dance floor! And for the past years, I’ve been fortunate enough to hear some of the best Ontario has to offer! Surely…these guys won’t leave your dance floor empty!

To check out their talents, please do visit their websites:
Shawn Mei Band

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Getting ready for your wedding — Choosing the right hotel room!

So you decided to get ready at a hotel for your wedding day — did you make the right decision in choosing your hotel room?!? You heard me right…”hotel room”, not hotel brand! Whether you decide to get ready at Motel 8 or at the Ritz Carlton, the brand of hotel doesn’t really matter! Only one thing matters to us photographers, and that is…how good is the light?

I think it’s safe to say that all types of photographers are passionate about finding good light! And I gotta tell you…it makes a HUGE difference in your photos if you select a room with great lighting! Often times, this is dictated by the number of windows you see in a room…or how BIG those windows are! So the next time you book a hotel…go ahead and check in…have a quick peek first on the room the front desk gave you. And if you don’t see more than 1 small-sized window, sized no bigger than a poster that you see in the movie theatre…then it’s a bad room for photography and you should try to go back to the front desk and request to be moved to another room with more window light. Most of the time, hotels and motels do accommodate such requests as best as they can to avoid disappointing their guests. Of course, the bigger the window is, the better! So if you see a room with one big window that runs from the floor all the way to the ceiling of the room…then that’s a SCORE!!! 😀

Here are a few examples of GOOD window sizes inside hotel rooms…

Happy Monday everyone!