A fun day at a junk yard

Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge fan of the “unusual” and I couldn’t be more stoked when Kayla came to me with the idea of doing an engagement shoot at a scrap yard! This is definitely quite rare as most don’t open to public access, but luckily her fiancé, Michael, owns one downtown — Cooper’s Iron & Metal — a family-ran business founded in 1946, has remained one of the largest independent processors of recycled metals in Toronto. While most people see this as a junk yard, I surely see this a local photographer’s playground with tons of cool colors and unique textures to play with! And what was even more fun, was how Kayla was able to inject a unique flair by wearing some cool custom coveralls herself! Although, I surely don’t think she has big intentions of becoming a “scrap wife”! 😜

Many thanks to you both for bringing me along to my ideal playground! 😆 My warmest congratulations on your engagement! I can’t wait to capture your wedding day!

Iris + Yesung Engagement Session

“April showers bring May flowers”…hmmm…I think this quote should be revised! Even with spring officially here, it was snowing a bit early this morning and I knew we all had the word COLD written all over this session! But as our session began, I couldn’t believe how much in tune Iris and Yesung were with each other! I just loved their down-to-earth personalities! Their natural smiles and laughter invited the warmth we needed on this cold day. We started the session exploring a forest area, sipped some much needed hot cocoa, and hung out till that sun kissed the open grass in a nearby field. At that point, it was simply magic! Kudos to the both of you for toughing out that brisk wind chill! Can’t wait to hang out with the both of you again on your wedding day!