Jenna + Michael Wedding

It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to be part of a TV show. And I was happy to hear that Jenna and Michael’s wedding was selected to be part of the new upcoming TV show — Say Yes to the Dress Canada. I couldn’t be more excited for these two lovebirds! This was my second time shooting with a TV film crew on site, which followed the couple throughout the day.  This quickly turned into one of the busiest wedding days one could ever have. With a TV film crew present, a pair of wedding videographers, alongside with us photographers….it was a roller coaster ride of highs and lows to get everybody positioned correctly and capture the right angles for each respective team….but we managed to do it and I’m pretty happy with the results!  Although, I almost wished I fixed up my hair a little better since you never know what footage will show up for this TV episode when it airs next year 2015.  🙂
My warmest congratulations to Jenna and Michael!

This wedding took place at Spirale Banquet & Conference Centre in Toronto, Ontario.  Vendors for this event include:

Wedding Cake: I Do wedding cakes (
DJ: Unique Entertainment Group – Mike Jasinski (
Flowers: Verona Florist (
Décor: Have a Seat (
Hair: Monica Le ( |  Makeup: Sierra Cermignani
Transportation: LA Limo (
Reverend: Rudy Heezen (
Videographer: Johnathan Lewis (

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Samantha + Jimmy Wedding

“SEA….HAWKS….SEA….HAWKS!!”  That was the chant all night long at the Liberty Grand! Seatle native Jimmy and his lovely Toronto bride, Samantha, put on one GRAND show for their guests to see.   I just loved the talent that went around all night! Samantha and Jimmy had so much to show for that day, their guests surely couldn’t stop the claps and the wonderful laughs.  They did an amazing job with their surprise bridal party entrance…definitely one of the most fun I’ve ever seen put together! Not to mention….4 great videos, including a special S.D.E. (same day edit) video by the awesome talents of Goody Cambay wedding films! You can check that out by clicking HERE. Of course it didn’t stop there as some of Samantha’s cousins owned the dance floor with their smooth dance grooves. And last but certainly not the least, Sam’s older and more experienced uncles wouldn’t let the youngsters show them out as they serenaded the night away with a lovely medley.

Congratulations Samantha and Jimmy! I wish you guys all the best!

Vendors for this event include:

Wedding Coordinator: Cendi Micor (
DJ: Jon Santiago (
Flowers / Decor: Royal Orchid (
Hair & Makeup: Tess Lopez | Alina Sherale (
Videographer: Goody Cambay (
Photobooth: Digi Cambay (

liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-01 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-02 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-03 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-04 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-05 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-06 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-07 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-08 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-09 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-10 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-11 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-12 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-13 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-14 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-15 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-16 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-17 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-18 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-19 liberty-grand-toronto-wedding-photographer-seattle-goody-cambay-films-20