Cheryl + Peter Engagement Shoot

Cheryl and Peter didn’t waste any time to get their engagement photos taken. About a month and a half after Peter popped the question we set out to capture their happiness and excitement of being engaged. Much like me, Cheryl loves photography and Peter loves to play hockey. I couldn’t believe how these two lovebirds met! …it all began with a tour group during their stay in Turkey. They shared an amazing story throughout our shoot and truly enjoyed every minute hearing it!

We started our shoot at the corner of Queen Street and Bathurst – then made our way towards Terroni’s – the exact location of their very first date! We then finished off the shoot at the very famous John and Richmond corner to take some photos by the bright lights at night.

Congratulations Cheryl and Peter! I can’t wait to shoot your wedding next year!

Arlene + Daniel Wedding

So here we are on my last wedding of 2012! An italian-filipino wedding! If there’s one thing I know in common about both backgrounds….that is, filipinos and italians are both very religious. Well actually, that and they love to eat! =) This was another awesome wedding to shoot. It was a long day but in truth, felt a lot shorter than it really was. The day went by so fast….next thing I know, I was staring at that “porchetta” at the end of the night! Being a filipino myself….like I said…we love to eat! hahaha!

Arlene and Daniel, you guys were just too cool to hang out with! Surrounded by loving family, friends and a super fun bridal party….I just felt good vibes all around! Just from our small talks during your “fishing-inspired” engagement shoot last summer, I knew your wedding was going to be a blast! Decor was amazing down to the last detail, heart-felt speeches, amazing food, and great music! What more can you ask for?! I say that’s the best combo to a great wedding! I can only wish you both the very best. My warmest congratulations go out to you both!

Oh by the way, Arlene is also the head baker of Sweet Crumbz ( You should come check it out if you want cool looking cakes with the word “Y U M” attached to it! So yummy, that she had to bake her own wedding cake! Now how awesome is that! =)

This wedding took place at the The Royalton Banquet Hall & Conference Centre in Vaughan, Ontario.