Lorelei + Mooney Engagement Shoot

What a great day to be out in the park! Nice and sunny! But even better, it was my very first time at High Park, in Etobicoke, Ontario. I’ve been in Canada for almost 16 years, but still haven’t set foot to this beautiful gigantic park! Many people have been raving on how great it is down there, but never had the chance to check it out till now….all thanks to Lorelei and Mooney! Those thoughts are now put to rest. Boy, what an awesome couple they are! Very much like me, Lorelei and Mooney loves to travel. We chatted about their honeymoon plans and they are super excited and can’t wait to go all over Europe! Wait a minute, aren’t they suppose to get married first? hehehe….talk about skipping their wedding! Oh yeah, they’re excited about that too! =)

I am definitely looking forward to their wedding this June. It surely will be unique as they told me will incorporate both their family’s background traditions. Congratulations to the both of you!

Deborah + Nicolas Engagement Shoot

A gloomy day at the beach….but still packed with fun! While getting to know Deborah, she mentioned that she loves to be near bodies of water. So I figured we’d drop a visit to the Bluffer’s park in Scarborough, Ontario. Although it wasn’t the weather we had in mind, I figured this shoot would give a nice variety in their pics since their wedding would be the exact opposite in terms of weather the sunny Caribbean this July. Unfortunately, I won’t be a part of their wedding day, but I’m sure glad to have met them both….just like myself and my wife, Deborah and Nic have been going out for 10 years and have finally decided to tie the knot. I had lots of fun with this sweet loving couple! 🙂

To Deborah and Nic….I’m excited for the both of you!! Thanks for hangin’ out with me at this chilly afternoon at the beach! Once again, congratulations on your engagement and I wish you all the best!