So here we are on my last wedding of 2012! An italian-filipino wedding! If there’s one thing I know in common about both backgrounds….that is, filipinos and italians are both very religious. Well actually, that and they love to eat! =) This was another awesome wedding to shoot. It was a long day but in truth, felt a lot shorter than it really was. The day went by so fast….next thing I know, I was staring at that “porchetta” at the end of the night! Being a filipino myself….like I said…we love to eat! hahaha!

Arlene and Daniel, you guys were just too cool to hang out with! Surrounded by loving family, friends and a super fun bridal party….I just felt good vibes all around! Just from our small talks during your “fishing-inspired” engagement shoot last summer, I knew your wedding was going to be a blast! Decor was amazing down to the last detail, heart-felt speeches, amazing food, and great music! What more can you ask for?! I say that’s the best combo to a great wedding! I can only wish you both the very best. My warmest congratulations go out to you both!

Oh by the way, Arlene is also the head baker of Sweet Crumbz ( You should come check it out if you want cool looking cakes with the word “Y U M” attached to it! So yummy, that she had to bake her own wedding cake! Now how awesome is that! =)

This wedding took place at the The Royalton Banquet Hall & Conference Centre in Vaughan, Ontario.