It always intrigues me how all my couples meet and both Heidi and Kevin met through the wonderful game of Ultimate Frisbee! I guess it’s true that sports really do bring people together! Sports may have started it, but their friendship continued to blossom with their love of travel and much to say, I too bonded with the both of them on our very first meeting since I too have a love for travel! Quite bold and daring, they even travelled all over Asia for a month while planning their wedding at the same time! They literally had 3 months to plan their wedding which most people thought they were crazy, but I have to say… they sure pulled it off! Kudos to you guys! 👏 My warmest congratulations to you both! Travel truly is a beautiful thing, so never stop exploring! 😊

This wedding took place at The Loft, Distillery District in downtown Toronto.


That was beautiful. Looks like a magical day.

Thank you! It was indeed a magical day for Heidi and Kevin!

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