With Vanessa currently living in Calgary and Jeff living in Ottawa, I can only imagine how much work it was to put together a wedding in Toronto! But needless to say, if you have tons of great friends and family that can help you along the way, nothing is impossible! I also love it when I see two different cultures come together! Vanessa who has a Filipino background and Jeff who has an Indian background, made sure to inject some of their respective traditions onto their wedding day! From their native practices during their wedding ceremony…all the way to the reception, when Vanessa slipped into that GORGEOUS Indian dress! It was one heck of a party they threw, considering they planned it all remotely!

My warmest congratulations go out to you both! Thanks again for making us part of your special day!

Much of the style & beauty captured in these Toronto wedding photography is not possible without the help of some great vendors for this event, which include:

Wedding Cake: Bobbette & Belle (

Caterers: Crystal Fountain (

DJ: Versatile Sound Productions (

Flowers / Decor: House of Flowers Design Co and Xclusive Designs (

Hair & Makeup: Lavish Flair (

Videographer: Ramon Cespedes – RC2 Films (


It’s the most beautiful and joyful wedding I have ever watched! Thanks for sharing!

Wow!! Beautiful occasion. Thanks for sharing. We missed being there to share the great joyful ceremony and party. We prayed for Hods blessing on both Jeffy and Vanessa and their family wish you all the best and stay blessed

Wow,superb,we missed this memorable day,but we prayed for this day.May God shower his blessings abundantly on you both.Hope Jeff, you will bring Vanessa to India.Stay blessed.

Wonderful and sweet accation.God Bless Them.

A fairy tale kind of marriage. Wish the bride and groom, Vanessa and Jeffrey remain happy ever after. God bless you and your families.


Thank you

Kuya Keith! Ganda!!! Good job Po! You really captured priceless, precious, lovely pieces/moments of their day! =) Sending positive vibes, and more power to you and your crew! God Bless Always! <3

Thank you Lorraine! Much appreciate the kind words! Many thanks also for helping make their day run smooth!

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